Thursday, May 24, 2012

More FM visits Room 19

Today Wags and Amy from More fm came to visit our classroom. They were coming to record us sing and talk about school.Wags and Amy came because Paige W-T was on the radio for something. We got a free ice-cream voucher from More fm so they record us singing and talking. The funniest bit we talked about was Miss Garland and Sam her boyfriend and we also talked about are netbook and stuff in the classroom. We were put on the radio station more fm at 7.20am and 8.20am. I was pretty nervous about been put on the radio and that I said a lot . The whole class was excited about this and they said “ I can't wait till  Wags and Amy come”. My mum and me listened to the radio this morning and I was so embarrassed and especially miss garland because of her and Sam. We were all happy that they came and at the end we all yelled “Thanks Wags and Amy”.

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