Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rebecca Adlington.

 Rebecca Adlington

      Rebecca was born on the 17 of February , 1989. She is now 22. She is a olympic swimmer. Born in mansfield, nottinghamshire.

This year on the 9 of march she won the 800m freestyle at the british trials in a season  8.18.54 to qualify for london in her favoured avent. She had already won the 400m freestyle in a world leading time of 4.02.35.

Rebecca’s facts
Club:   Nova centurion
Coach:  Bill furniss
Height: 1.79m
Weight: 70 kg
Nickname: Becky
Sport : Swimmer

Olympic Games:    2 golds.
World Championships: 2 golds,2 silvers,2 bronze.
Commonwealth Games: 2 golds,2 bronze.
European Championships: 1 gold,1 silver,1 bronze.
British Championships: 13 golds ,3 silvers,2 bronze.

Rebecca is the world champion for the 800m freestyle swim.She is already the european and commonwealth games champion.

Rebecca has done 8 800m swims in the olympics and the commonwealth games and she  has done 5 400m swims also in the olymic and commonwealth games.

On the 27th of july 2012 she is going to the london olympics games.

Rebecca has three sponsors
British Gas

This is a link to where I found out all the information. w


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