Friday, November 30, 2012

Kids for Kids.

Today 30th November team 5 and 6  went to the opera house  for a kids for kids rehearsal  for tonight. We met Suzanne Prentice and our conductor is Chris. 
We had Dayna and Callum who is going lead us around and introduce the audience to the show.
Tonight I am really excited because we are going to sing in front of a big audience and the songs we are singing are :

Muppet Show theam.
Happy days.
Wombling song.
Candy man. (soloist).
Somewhere out there.(soloist).
When you wish upon a star.(soloist)
NZ Ad medley.
Sister act medley.
60's Medley.
Que sera sera.
Hey baby.
Talk with the animals.

Our soloist is Hope and she is singing Somewhere out there.
I think Parkvale school showed heaps of pride and did really well today.

Dayna is from Operation Hero , Chris is off funky monkeys and Suzanne Prentice.


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