Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Letter for when we are thirty.

To Lily.

When you are thirty I hope that you will live how you want it to be.
I hope you are going to be a teacher that wants to teach year 1’s.
When you are thirty you should be married like you have always wanted to be.
I will be proud of you for what ever you turn out to do .
Your life should turn out as a Teacher , Married and you need to visit New York and follow your dreams.
So turn out who you want to be.

Try not to be that shy. all the time and tell people what is the matter when you are sad.

Remember to buy a Snow white Chihuahua and call her Chloe and
a puppy called Fincher.
Make sure you have 4 kids called Laura , Sophie , Jacob and Isabella.

Live in London for what you have wished for.
Don’t give up Lily - have you done everything you have wanted?

From Lily.


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