Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Key words from the holidays.

These are  room 16 holiday stories we had to act out
WALT  choose words that describe a moment for the reader.
Your signs of success.

*Begins in the action.
*Present tense [I am,not was I.]
*Short , sharp sentences.

Key Words: Holiday , Dog , Died.

There I was at my aunts in Whangarei. I was staying for a couple nights. Then suddenly the sound of a phone rang and woke me up, my aunt picked it up. Hello she said. She handed me the phone and said “its for you Lily”. I slowly grabbed the phone out of her hands “hello” I say excited. “My Nan nan” I said weirdly. “She never rings me” , but then she said in a sad voice “sorry to say Lily your dog Grey passed away last night so sorry”. Then I sat down on the couch with little clear blue tears drops running down my rosy red cheeks. Then I slowly walked to the car and said I would like to see my dad please.

Name Art.

This is my name art that I created on comic life for my tote tray.
I think that I did well and put some effort into it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Netbook Agreement

I think that it is fair that we have a agreement so the teachers know that we will
be responsible and careful with our netbooks.
We have nine tasks on our agreement form
and we have to follow them because we signed it.


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