Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Poem

My Old Teddy........Patch
By Lily Petersen - Burns.

I have always been lucky.
For my second birthday I got a Teddy.
I named my teddy Patch.

She was brown like a paper bag.
She had Rainbow coloured patches on her nose and eyes and her ears.
I write my name at the bottom of her foot.

I would take her everywhere.
Into town to bed.
She was important to me.

In the morning I would eat my breakfast.
Then I played outside in the spring fields picking flowers with her.
I would make a daisy chain for her and use it as a crown.

I would fall asleep with her tucked in my arms.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Coat Of Arms Art Work

This is my coat of arms art that we had to draw.This piece of art represents our whanau and what our family does best.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Making Connections Poster.

      Today the Avengers reading group had to make an  Making Connections poster:

My Beans.


I get ready to dive into the pool , I put my hands together like I am gliding then SPLASH!.
I land in the water and I open my  eyes and i can see my cousins legs splashing under the water.
Then I fly up out of the water splashing and crashing like a rocket , I finally find myself at the top of the water.

So when I get up out of the water ready to dive again my journey of diving starts all over again and then I hear Russell's voice “wanna race to the end of the pool and back” “Sure” I say looking curious like I am going to win. Russell says to me “You're never going to beat me”.

He thinks he is going to beat me, like ever. Then we get ready to dive then I dive BOOM!.
Russell and I crashed into each other , but then I just kept swimming and swimming till I reached the end. But then Russell goes whizzing past me. As I tried to pass him I gulped down a big mouthful of chlorine and water mixed together. OOOH I say still trying to swim but then suddenly I felt something wrap around my foot and I look under the clear silky water and see that the hose in the pool had tied itself on my ankle.

But , I saw  something move and then I look behind me Russell wasn't there. Then I look down and I see Russell tieing the hose tighter on my leg. Then I kind of kicked him in the face on accident trying to get out of this mess.

I swim finally get out of the pool then I said “maybe no more races a” I say as I slide into the pool.
Thinking to myself I hope he is not mad at me for kicking him in the face.
Then I hear a laugh I look behind and I see Russell laughing and his face even went bright red.

I was laughing away with him and that was my beans.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to be a Kitten's best friend

How to be a Kitten's best friend.

Hug them love them with all your might.
Pat them gently while you glide your hand down their back and spine.
And last of all do not punish them , if they have done no harm to you.
But I forgot the most important thing '
BE THEIR BEST FRIEND!!!!!!           


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Ordinary Day

My Ordinary Day
I wake up in my ordinary bed, in my ordinary room on a ordinary school day. I eat my ordinary breakfast on the ordinary couch in the ordinary lounge , brush my ordinary hair , brush my ordinary teeth get in the ordinary car. In the ordinary car my mum drives me to my ordinary school , I get to my ordinary school and say “Good Bye” to my ordinary mum and I walk into my ordinary class and see my ordinary teacher. When I walk in I get my ordinary computer out and put it into the ordinary cupboard , walk outside the ordinary clockbay  to find my ordinary friends on the ordinary playground. When the ordinary bell rings , we sit on the ordinary mat and we get out our ordinary computers and do some ordinary blog commenting , then we all do our ordinary P.A.T test.

We just learn and its just the same old ordinary. Ding the bell rings and I eat the same ordinary chips. Then its play time and I always help Miss Riley and it is just so ordinary. Ding there goes the bell again.  I have to go inside and I see something that was not so ordinary , all of the colourful class work on the wall and I was dressed up in some dress ups. WOW! All of the colours made my day brighten up.

Thats my ordinary day.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Discovery Day With Juniors

Last Week I went and helped Miss Riley with discovery day and I was helping out in the dress up room which was in room 3. It was real fun and it also felt like I was a little kid again and it reminded me of when I was in room 3.Here is a picture of me dressed up with little kids.

Here is some links to the some of the class rooms blogs that was part of discovery day: Room 1   Room 2  Room 3  Room 5  .

Hope you enjoy these blogs.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Piper and I

This is mine and my buddy Pipers Google drawing.
We had to make a drawing of the thing that I liked and the things Piper likes and then we had to make a circle in the middle where we added the things that we both have or likes. Piper room 5 , Lily room 16.

  Room 5 Kid-Li-Winks.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Super Hero Learning Buddy Picture

Vital Stats
Real Name : Lily Petersen.
Age: 10 years old.
Powers: Shoot Lighting.


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