Thursday, April 18, 2013

Camp Wonder.

Introducing my very own camp I made by myself.
My camp is called Camp Wonder.
For maths we started are very own camp we had to design one of are own and put the scale , Directions to find Mr .M and activities and the very last the Co-Ordinates.
I said Directions to find Mr.M because we had to make up directions to find Mr .M.
Mr.M is lost somewhere in my camp can you help everyone find him? ( Mr.M is hidden in the forest if you look closely you can just see the forest , By the yellow square which is the teachers lounge).

My Camp Rules!!!
  1. Please no swimming in the lake without adult supervision.
  2. Be safe around the river.
  3. Please no running around the buildings.
  1. Please no running in side.
  2. No fighting will be allowed.


  1. Shellz( Lily's Mum)Thursday, April 18, 2013

    awesome work Lilz. I wish I could really go to your camp, it sounds great and your map gives me a great idea as to what "Camp Wonder" would be like.

  2. Your camp looks like such fun, Lily!

    I really like your key which supports the map too.

  3. Cool Lily I love your camp It looks so fun.

  4. Cool camp Lily, the way you have presented it looks really neat and tidy and your camp looks amazing!!!

    Great Effort:)

  5. Awesome Camp Lilz!
    I love your camp.
    It looks so fun.
    Well done:-)

  6. "wow" lily i love your camp wonder map its awesome !!!!!!! :-)

  7. Awesome Camp Lily,

    I like your cool camp places.
    I want to go to your camp for sure.
    Cool Camp Rules.
    From Olivia.

  8. Awesome camp and great name there Lily.

  9. Awesome work on you camp wonder it is a great name to say as well great Lily keep up the work.



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