Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My PicLit

PicLit Poems

For our PicLit we had to go onto the website and choose a picture and then we had to make a sentence that is about that picture.  Here is a link to the site where you can make your own PicLit. Com. I also have an audio for each Piclit that you can listen to.

Number 1 Piclit.
Number 2 Piclit.


  1. Awesome Lilz!
    You used nice and clear voices.
    I like both of your PicLits.
    Well done:-)

  2. Great work Lilly they are awesome!

  3. Job well done, Lily!
    Some very poetic Piclits there!
    Thats a good idea putting the link there, Lily.

    Sincerely. Teva Tait.

  4. Awesome pic lit Lily, you have used wonderful describing words which is really attracting.
    I also like the pictures you chose for the words.
    Great, Lily, keep up the great work!!!

  5. Your sentences make perfect
    sense to your two pic lits.
    Your words are perfect with
    the pic lits.
    well done.

  6. Awesome lily your piclit is very cool
    Well Done

  7. You have done well with your
    Piclit Lily and it is really colorful to.
    Well done!

  8. Great job Lily. Your poem definitely goes with the picture you chose. I think they would make great canvas pictures. Well done!



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