Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow Bridge.

Rainbow bridge is the longest nature bridge on earth.
This bridge is in Southern Utah , United states of america and was created over a period of millions of years ago.
The style of this bridge is an Natural arch bridge.

On this bridge you can not drive or even walk.
This bridge has a span that is about 85 meters and arches  94 meters over a gorge. It has enough space for two lanes like on the road. But they have not built one on the rainbow bridge because it is really unsafe. The top of the gorge is 10 meters wide.

The Rainbow Bridge is surrounded by a canyon.
In 1910 the president William Howard Taft declared it in a national monument.

Visitors can either Hike or take a 2hr boat trip to the rainbow bridge.


  1. Rainbow Bridge is fascinating!

    Great summarising, Lily. You have given the rest of your group a good model for summarising their part of the book.

  2. That's a great piece of writing about the Rainbow bridge Lily
    and I like how you have added the pictures in
    Well done!

  3. Awesome Lilly,
    You have done great summarizing.
    I wish I could go on a trip to see
    Rainbow Bridge.

  4. Wow Lilz.
    You sure do know a lot about the Rainbow bridge.
    What awesome information.
    Well done:-)

  5. Wow Lily
    That is awesome that the rainbow bridge is the longest nature bridge
    Awesome work



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