Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pania Of The Reef

WALT : Retell a story in our own words.

Writing purpose: To Entertain
Audience: Our Blogs

Signs of success

  • Main Parts In Order
  • Strong Language( Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives.)
  • Include Keywords From The Legend
  • Different Words To Start Sentences
  • Some Short Sharp Sentences
  • Flows With Action
  • Add interesting details

  •        My Key words:
  • Karitoki
  • Pania
  • Taniwha
  • Sea
  • Hawke Bay
  • Love
  • Secret Marriage

Legend Of Pania Of The Reef.

At sunset a handsome man named  Karitoki would walk down to the stream where Pania would hide to rest in the flax bushes and because the water at the river was the sweetest water there. Pania awakened and saw the most handsomest man she had ever seen before. One night she whispered a very faint spell. She would hide from him for many weeks. Karitoki looked back and saw the prettiest women he had ever seen yet.

She was so beautiful Karitoki fell in love the first look he saw her. Then when Pania had a closer look at him she fell in love at the first look as well. They got secretly married and didn't tell anyone.
Pania tried to leave at sunrise for home but Karitoki would not leave her. She was telling him that she was a creature of the ocean and the ocean was the only thing that would help her live.  She made a promise that she would go back to the stream to see Karitoki every night and morning so their marriage could continue how they thought it would.

One night Karitoki went to boast of his friends about his beautiful wife , but his friends would not believe him because they had never seen her beautiful face before.

Karitoki was so sad that his friends did not believe him.
Karitoki loved her so much and had the heart to take care of her and protect her.

Because  Pania was a sea creature she was not allowed to have cooked food into her mouth or she would not be allowed back into sea.
One night Karitoki creeped to where Pania slept and opened her mouth and shoved some cooked food into her mouth.

Pania awakened from the startle of Karitoki and saw what he was trying to do to her.
Karitoki was of course trying to make it so Pania could stay with him forever in on top of land.

Then the sirens rang but Pania did not take a step into the water which was worse.
Because when Pania would not come to her fellow people they walked on to surface and said that they would take her away from him and so they did they had  taken her away for ever and it was the end of Pania’s and Karitoki’s Marriage.
Karitoki was so saddened that his lovely wife had got taken away from him.

But there was one more secret that they had kept for many years , and that secret was that they had a son named More More.

More More now protects his mother and father from the people who live in Napier.
More More loves his parents to bits and that is why he protects Pania and Karitoki.

More More disguised as a Shark , Octopus and an Stingray.

Some people say that if you look deep into the deep sea just beneath the reef you can see Pania’s arms sticking out reaching for the love of Karitoki and wanting to continue the marriage between them.

There is now an statue of Pania herself by Marine Parade in Napier that now exists.

Thanks for reading my retell of my story.


  1. Great job Lily you must of showed lots of pride in that. Great job.

  2. Awesome Lily
    Great retell I like how you say that you can see More More

  3. Great story Lily. Keep up the great work Lily.

  4. Cool Lily what a cool story I loved your retelling;)

  5. Wow Lily!
    You have written a wonderful retell of Pania.
    I like the photo at the end too.
    Well done:)

  6. Wow lily you done a great and fantastic writing good work.

  7. What a amazing storie Lily
    keep up the good work:)



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