Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rock Climbing At Karamu High

Reflection for Rock Climbing.

. Something I was pleased with was... that everyone had a great time and I think my group did well.

…because… my team work together and we had turns at everything.
· I really enjoyed learning… How to work out the harnesses

…because… it might come in handy some day.
· Something I found hard was… trying to climb all the way to the top of the rock wall.
· Something that made me think was… that it seemed easy to everyone else but very difficult for me.
                  …because… I think it was a quarter through the wall but then I started to slip.
· Something I want to get better at is… trying to be braver and climb all the way to  the top.
          (What can I do about it?)
I think I can try harder.and get better at it.


  1. Wow lilz!
    It looks like you had lots of fun! I wish I could come. Your class is very lucky to get to go rock climbing on Thursday!
    Do you go every Thursday or just that once?
    Keep up the Fantastic work Lilz:)

  2. Wow Lilly!
    You must of enjoyed your self. Your Karamu high school girls must be so proud of you. The will also be happy for you for doing your best on the wall.
    Well done.



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