Monday, June 24, 2013

Amazing Race Day 4!!!!!

Day 4 :
For day four we did the Amazing Race.
We got given heaps of clues I think the amount of clues we got were 6.
When we Henry and I were on the kayaks we had gotten the wrong clue from Miss Patel so we had to do another course on the confidence course.

Moment In Time:

I run. I stop. I take the next clue.
“Ok” I said to henry “ We need to go down by the confidence course and go down to where the kayaks are”.
So we race down a slippery muddy hill to the courts.
Then “ CRASH” I slip over in the middle of the hill.
I try and catch up to everyone. I think to myself “ No One even notices I am gone so I better run as fast as I can”.
I finally catch up to them.
We run to the kayaks. Henry and I get into a double Kayak.
I try to push us in , we finally the kayak makes it in the water.
I paddle hard. Trying to reach  the end of  the lake where  the clue lies in Miss Patel’s hand. “ It’s the final clue” I say to myself.
We reach and take the clue out of Miss Patel’s hand.
Henry and I struggle to get out of the sandy part of the lake because it is real shallow.
We get out. We paddle as hard as we can.
Henry and I get there faster than the time it took us to get to Miss Patel.
I take the clue out of my life jacket then I take the jacket off and then I run up to the courts and I tear the top off the clue.
I read the clue out and it ended up to be the second to last clue.
So I tell Mrs H  in the dining room and she says that
we have to go across the wire bridge in the Confidence Course.
So we run and we weave in and out of all the other courses.
Finally at last we reach the Wire Bridge  , we made it fast.
I run across the bridge and then I climb up the muddy hill while holding onto the rope with the team behind me.
We reach the top and Mr.M said  “ Well Done , You have reached the end of the Amazing Race”. He gave us the final clue.
We open it and it said  “ To go back to the dining room”.
So we race back to the dining room and I  am glad that everyone had a fantastic time.

Here are some photos:


  1. WOW!! lily that was an awesome store.
    I liked it all awesome!!

  2. Awesome Lily your blog post is amazing
    I like you photos you look like you are enjoining it
    Well done

  3. What an awesome post Lily!
    You really started in the action,
    great work Lily.
    Keep up the good work!



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