Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dragon Writing

My dragon has a pinkish whitish body with a black highlight down his neck. His name is Sherbet and loves to sit on your nose. Whenever you give him a treat he breathes out fire.
Sherbets favourite treats is sherbet. He tends to wonder a lot.


“Flap, Flap” The wings of the baby dragon fluttered up and down as he took a deep breath and bursted out flames. His wings are sparkling green and start to light up as the sun hits him. Smoke is coming out of his nostrils as he gently lands on my fingertips.I pat its spiky back as he makes a grunting noise. The spikes are hard , tough and pointy. He  has a black highlight line running down the back of his neck. “He’s a unique dragon” I said  to myself.  I gently took  him and sat him on my nose, he nibbled on my nose then I give him one of his treats. He looks so cute. His back is pinkish and white. I haven't named him yet and it had been along time so he flew onto my hand and I told him “ I'm going to name you Sherbet”.
I take him in my hand and I put him in his tall jungle cage and let him fly around.
I open the door and Sherbet flys away.
“ Sherbet” I say “Come back”. I walk around the street then I had no luck so then I go inside to rest and say in the darkness “Good Night Sherbet”.

The next morning I woke up and wentsearching for Sherbet in town but still no hope or luck.
So I walk home sadly and pack all of my camping gear and food and water.
“ I am going to find go find Sherbet in the forest , He must be there” I said to myself out loudly. I head out the door walking towards the forest it is about a kilometer away.
“ Its not  that far” I say. I start running for a bit then when I got up the hill I started to walk.
I get to the edge of the forest. I take a deep breath. “ I’m going in” I say. I take another deep breath. Turn on my torch and walk in. It is dark and I am scared I start calling out “Sherbet” “Sherbet , where are you”. No luck so far but I do not give up I was still in search at 3.00am in the morning. My tent was already set up and ready to go. I hopped in my tent hoping that I would find him tomorrow. I lay down looking up at the roof of the tent.

It was morning and I could hear the birds tweeting away. I got out of the tent and grabbed all of my hiking gear. I started calling out “Sherbet oh Sherbet.” Then I heard a dragon noise. “Sherbet!” I yell. I scrambled through the bushes and found him. I take him home and but when I got home I noticed something different about him, he had grown. I was happy and we stayed together forever.

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  1. What an excellent story, Lily. You made it seem very believable. It had a clear beginning, middle and end. The reader could predict and infer what might happen next.



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