Thursday, August 29, 2013

Letter To Ken Catran

Dear Ken Catran,

My class Room 16 have been reading your book ‘Dead Harry’. My class thought your book was amazing and I thought it was fantastic! It was interesting and funny. It was an amazing book that all kids should enjoy. Kids in my class have gotten into groups of four and started to create a imovie trailer on your book Dead Harry. In Zeb’s group are Zeb, Hannah, Teva and me. Our trailer was going good for a little while but then we fell behind on the photos because there were young leader meetings and all that but we got through the trailer well. I think our group did well on the trailer and we all worked as a team.

In your book I liked the character Elias Milton the most because he was funny and he could do lots of tricks with his eyes, but most of all I like him the most is because he has the most character in the story and I also liked Harry because Elias Milton was trying to teach all sorts of funny ghost tricks and because he was the main character of the story. Primula was a cool character but she was not my favourite character.

My favourite part of your book was when Sam and Anna got locked in the library cupboard. That part was funny but scary. It made me think “Will they die or will they survive?”. But when Anna and Sam were stuck in the cupboard and Mrs Mills said “Have a nice barbeque kids” Nakita H. In our class started cracking up laughing. I started to have laugh as well.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful and creative book. It must of taken you a little while to finish.
I hope you create another book similar to Dead Harry.
Thanks once again Ken Catran.

Yours sincerely,


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